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We think about creating a remarkable and memorable dining experience for our guests, each and every day. Continuing to improve on being masters of our craft, to learn, and to search for new ways to do all that we do–but even better each time. 


Your dining experience at 677 Prime will become a memorable moment whether it's a special celebration, or a date night.

Through constant and never ending improvement, the consistent anticipation of our guest's needs and an unrelenting dedication to excellence, we strive to be the best hospitality, events,

dining, food, wine and cocktail destination in

all the Capital Region and beyond.

Jaime Ortiz, Chef, Owner

Ken Kehn, CEC, Executive Chef


Iowa Premium hand-selects only corn-fed Black Angus cattle that exhibit superior quality characteristics. Angus cattle have higher quality marbling, which is the leading indicator of flavor, tenderness and juiciness – the key factors in a premium eating experience.


Angus genetics produce a more desirable, finer texture with uniform fat fleck size and distribution. Fat yields flavor and the even distribution of marbling infuses the rich, beefy flavor consumers prefer.


The signature rich corn-fed beef flavor is a result of the perfect combination of resources – rolling green pastures, abundant corn and dedicated family farmer-feeders that produce the highest quality, well-marbled beef, known around the world. Fueled by the quality of the soil and the fortitude of those who farm it, Iowa’s farmers have been devoted to raising and growing food for generations.




This is the first restaurant in the area that has top notch everything. We had a great waiter who was very informative and on the ball. The food was outstanding!!! Thank you to the chefs & bartender for all the great food and cocktails. Bravo!


The best dining experience I’ve ever had! Amazing food, exceptional service and beautiful atmosphere.


Erica Rachel

Excellent service, delicious food and amazing staff! My now Fiancé planned a proposal dinner at 677 Prime last night for me. I am blown away with the generosity and heartfelt service we received. Thank you to the staff for making it a night to remember!

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